Sanctuary Needs

Volunteers Needed
Our most pressing need is for dedicated volunteers! If you are a real cat lover and have some free time to spend with amazing and wonderful cats, than our sanctuary is the place to be. We have few volunteers, everyone sends emails because they want to come and help, but nobody turns up! This shows that there are very few animal lovers in Malta! In Malta, there is too much talk – but little action! Please help.The only requirements a volunteer must possess is a sense of commitment and at least a few hours per week. Volunteers need to be responsible and mature, and have a keen interest in maintaining the welfare of the Sanctuary cats.
General Duties
  • Cleaning Cages
  • Washing Litters
  • Filling Dry food and Water
  • Washing Plates
  • Washing Floors
  • Preparing Food
  • Feeding
  • Assisting with Medication
  • Help with general site maintenance
  • Petting the cats and giving them love and attention

The greatness of a nation
and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mahatma Gandhi

Funds are always required to pay for food, new cages and other repairs.
Donations can be done by :- Paypal through the website.
Bank Account HSBC 039-109475-001

 Send a cheque to The Treasurer 35 Sir William Reid street Gzira Gzr1039 Malta.

Other Contributions
If you have any blankets, sheets, and towels that you do not use, the sanctuary would gladly receive them for bedding. Donations of canned food is also appreciated and even fresh meat suitable for cats which we can cook for them. Dry food is always welcome too, but the cats will only eat matisse or Royal Canine, we apologise and do not wish to be rude, but any other dry food is not eaten and would be wasted.

Tomasina wishes to thank Pink Panther for supporting us in many ways.
We wish to also thank Isabella Bullock for taking a lot of wonderful photographs of our cats.


Thanks to some animal lovers our sanctuary is getting a new look.   In this last year where supports have been generous we have managed to do a lot of work to make the sanctuary a better place for our resident cats.

We have built 2 rooms outside the field which have costed us  €500 each and now we also managed to cover the floor with tiles.

We have done a stone path in the field to be able to walk properly.



We are now covering all floors with tiles and walls so the sanctuary will be much cleaner and even easier to be cleaned.

We have build 3 new cages that with partitions can be added up to six and fixed the old cages since all the Perspex at the bottom deteriorated in all this costed   €1,300

We have changed two really old tables and made new ones where we put the beds for our angels.

Our aim is to make the sanctuary a better home for our truly loved animals.  I know that it’s not better than being in a home but its surely better than being in the streets waiting to be run over by some crazy driver.

All this is happening thanks to special people out there that do believe in our voluntary work with the most beautiful and adorable creatures in the world.